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Navigating a Pregnancy Around the Holidays

Being pregnant around the holidays can bring about mixed emotions. Although this season can be merry and bright, it can also be complex. The complex feelings can grow, especially if you’re facing a pregnancy decision or navigating life with a new pregnancy that wasn’t originally part of your plans.

The thought of a full calendar, tricky family dynamics, or perceived expectations might leave you fearful or overwhelmed. Here are a few guidelines to help you navigate this holiday season.

Set Healthy Boundaries

Holiday gatherings will inevitably lead to questions about your life and pregnancy (if you’re showing). People may inquire about it in an attempt to connect, out of curiosity, or because they want to offer advice. Remember that your pregnancy story is yours alone. Don’t feel pressured to give details or answer questions outside of your comfort level.

Although many people have good intentions, rapid questioning can feel like an ambush and can cause your fear to flare. In order to respond rather than react to inquiries - prepare and practice gracious and concise responses to common questions. A little prep work will provide you with confidence and stability.

Remember That Uncertainty is Normal

Most women come face to face with fear at some point during their pregnancy. You probably already know this, but you don’t need to have all the answers about your future right now! How could you? Fear may shout that the elimination of uncertainty is the only way to find peace. That’s simply not true! When fear seeks to suffocate, remember that you are not alone, you are strong, and you’ve overcome challenging things before.

Take a deep breath, exhale, and do the next right thing. You are not responsible for having tomorrow's answers today.

Take Care of Yourself

Take part in activities in this season that feed your soul - take a walk, get out in the sunshine, do something you love - maybe baking, reading, or creating. What inspires, excites, and makes you come alive? Prioritize those things and put them on your calendar.

Know who your safe people are, and lean on them for support. When you’re feeling fearful or overwhelmed, shoot them a text, dial-up Facetime, or meet them for coffee (or hot cocoa - it is the Christmas season after all).

I once heard someone define encouragement as “lending someone else your courage.” Allow someone to lend you their courage today.

Find Support

A supportive friend will make all the difference right now. Their words and presence can provide the strength and stability you need. If you don’t have that person in your corner, or just need more cheerleaders, we’re here for you.

If you still haven’t decided what choice is best for you and have more pregnancy decisions to make, schedule an appointment today.

We provide free pregnancy confirmation, options consultations, and we can answer all your questions about abortion, adoption, and parenting. We also offer parenting classes, programs, and resources for new moms and dads to help you navigate your pregnancy and parenting journey.

All our services are confidential and available at no cost to you. We’re your ultimate support team!


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